Helping Others Pursue Their Purpose

Phil Tuttle


Barnabas might not be the most famous character in the Bible. In fact, he’s one of the apostles that receives the least amount of attention in our modern teachings and studies. However, his level of fame has no relation to his importance to the Kingdom of God. In fact, as we take a look at the specific ways God used him to encourage others, we’ll find that Barnabas was a powerful catalyst for change during his lifetime.

That’s we’re so excited to announce our newest study from the Biblical Characters Series—Catalyst: Helping Others Pursue Their Purpose. In this study, we’ll learn how Barnabas serves as a model for each of us. He may not have been a superstar apostle, but his steady faithfulness was vital in the lives of many people in the early church. And in Catalyst, we’ll learn how we, like Barnabas, can change the world one small act at a time.

Workbook Contains:

Fill-in-the-blank notes to help participants follow along and remember what they learned

Application questions

Group discussion questions

Leader’s guide