Becoming an R:12 Christian R12 Christian

Author: Chip Ingram

God has a dream for you—His child. He dreams not just for your occupation or accomplishments, but dreams of the kind of person you will become and the life you will live. God desires His children to become “mirrors” to reflect His character and glory. God desires His children to become disciples. If you yearn to become a true disciples who mirrors Christ’s character, if you want to live God’s dream for you, embark on a life-changing journey through Romans 12 and discover what it really means to live and please God.

Workbook Details:

  • Six (6) Sessions
  • ₱150.00 per workbook per participant

  • Fill-in-the-blank notes to help participants follow along and remember what they learned
  • Application questions
  • Group discount questions


“I will start giving all my baggage in life to God”
Ruby, Nurse from Malabon
(Becoming an R:12 Christian Attendee)